In ancient days our forefathers were storing food grain in big pots because Rice, Wheat, Javar, etc are seasonal food grains. We have tradition to store the foods for full year in these seasons. And we also get benefit of same quality full year.

We supply quality products to all our customers during these seasons for full year consumption. Below is a list of Seasons products available time to time. 

1 Rice December To March
2 Wheat March To May
3 Toor Dal January To April
4 Chana Dal March To May
5 Jaggery December To March
6 Spices February To May
7 Groundnut Oil November To January
8 Sugar December To March
9 Javar March To May
10 Bajara September To December
11 Moong, Mogar, Udad Dal September To November
12 Anjeer (FIG), Kismis (RASIN),
Jardalu (APRICOT), Pista,
Akhrot (WALNUT)
October To January
13 Kaju (CASHUNUT) April/May